Intermittent Cartoner

CVC 1600

The CVC 1600 is a proven and durable intermittent cartoner, it is suitable for a wide range of products, such as bottle, blister and tube etc. used in food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and personal care, etc. The CVC 1600 a compact and excellent packaging machine that perform carton erection, pre-folded leaflet insertion, embossing coding on carton flap and carton closing with tuck-in or hot melt glue sealing. It works perfectly for both stand-alone operation and packaging line integration.


  • Compact footprint allows easy access, cleanup and maintenance. The cartoner design provides separation between intermittent motion drive and product handling.
  • Durable and proven Intermittent performance, output rate is between 40 ~ 50 cartons per min. (Adapting Mitsubishi Intermittent system, Japan)
  • Control System: PLC (Mitsubishi, Japan) with user friendly Touch Control Panel: 8" Colored(Fuji, Japan or equivalent brand), operator is easy to setup and operate the cartoner.
  • 3-Level Password Protection is provided for production management.
  • Both carton and leaflet pick off from carton and leaflet magazine, reliable carton erection and leaflet insertion are guaranteed.
  • Alarm devices for:
    - Carton pick-up failure
    - Product insertion error
    - Product jam error
    - Over torque
  • ISO 9001:2015 certificated.
CVC 1600
CVC 1600
Bottle Loading Starwheel
Bottle Loading Starwheel
CVC 1600
CVC 1600
Hot Melt Glue Sealing
Hot Melt Glue Sealing
Pre-Folded Leaflet Insertion
Pre-Folded Leaflet Insertion
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  • Tube feeding conveyor attachment
  • Blister Loader Magazine
  • Extended Bucket Conveyor
  • Custom-made product Format Part
  • Hot Melt Glue Sealing
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Embossing Coding Unit
  • Pre-Folded Leaflet Insertion Device
  • 3-Color Tower Stack Light
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance



The dimensions shown are for standard machine. The conveyor can be extended: the length may var y based on selected options. This machine can run independently or be integrated into an automated packaging line. All CVC equipment is covered by a one-year parts warranty. Full Warranty details are included in our equipment proposals or can be found on our website.

Technical Specifications CVC 1600 Technical Specifications
Applicable Product Bottle, Blister and Tube
Applicable Size ●Bottle:
Diameter:⅜" to 2 ½" (11 mm - 65 mm)
Height:2 ⅛" to 8 ½" (55 mm - 215 mm)

●Carton size range(L x W x H):
Min.: 2 ⅜" x ⅝" x ¾" (60 mm x 16 mm x 20 mm)
Max.: 8 ⅝" x 2 ¾" x 4" (200 mm x 70 mm x 100 mm)

●Folded leaflet dimensions(L x W)
Min.: 4" x ⅝" (100 mm x 15 mm)
Max.: 7 ⅞" x 1 ⅝" (200 mm x 40 mm)
Power source 220V, 50/60 HZ, 1 phase
Power Consumption 1500 VA (7 A)
Air Pressure 4 bar (60 psi) (ISO 8573-1)
Air Consumption 140 NLit/m (5cfm)
Consumption Machine Dimensions D 3'-8" x 2'-2" x 6'-11" (1104mm x 650mm x 2090mm) (L x W x H)
Speed Up to 40~50 cartons per min. (actual output is subject to our factory trial test and confirmation)
Machine Weight 720 kg (1588 lbs)
Noise Level 78 dB


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