Desiccant Canister Inserter

CVC 1111

For desiccant insertion in bottles, CVC 1111 is specially designed to meet the requirements in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

CVC 1111
CVC 1111
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  • PLC controlled fully automatic operation.
  • 6" Touch Screen Terminal.
  • Employs reliable electronic and pneumatic components.
  • Stacked with alarm lamp post (optional).
  • Multiple desiccant inserting without additional change parts.
  • Programmable settings for Insertion of 1- 5 desiccants per container.
  • Front Safety guard with automatic machine stop when opened.
  • All contact parts in FDA approved materials.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction, meet cGMP requirements.
  • Canister Type Desiccant discharge chute with insertion gate immediately close to the bottle opening, for a positive insertion.
  • Precision photoelectric sensors for accurate operation.

Canister Desiccant Vibratory Bowl Feeder

The Stainless Steel Vibratory Bowl Feeder consists of following features and functions:

  • A stainless steel holding bracket
  • Bowl Feeder Size: 500 - 600 mm (in diameter)
  • Max. Bowl Feeding speed is up to 120 insertions per minute.
  • Vibratory Bowl Feeder Height is adjustable by a handle wheel which is mounted on the back side of the holding bracket.
  • With one sized vibratory bowl feeder, canister desiccant adjustable range is within 14-24mm in diameter.
  • Desiccant discharge chute with one exit for one canister size.
  • An individual control box is mounted on the feeder bracket, which features ease of operator to access. The box consists of:
    - A Vibratory speed adjustment knob. Adjustable speed range: 0 100.
    - Power indicator.
    - ON/OFF switch.
    - 5A fuse.
    - Swivel Casters feature easy feeder movement.
  • Top PC Cover for Vibratory bowl.


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